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The First Draft Doctor - Scriptwriting Background and Experience

I graduated from Bournemouth University's Scriptwriting for Film and Television degree course - which has become the UK's foremost scriptwriting and media centre.

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My experience includes script reading for a London-based production company where I analysed and critiqued both solicited and unsolicited material. I have gained invaluable film and television industry information from inside the profession. This has given me a unique insight to real requirements of producers and directors alike. More importantly, it has shown me what is expected from potential screenwriters.

I have read, analysed, edited and compiled script reports for over 300 client submitted screenplays and as such am able to offer aspiring and experienced writers alike invaluable feedback on their material.

My completed projects include many 30 minute television drama serials, including Sitcom; 120 page feature film scripts; and several smaller one-off short films.

Should you require more information or wish to request client testimonials, please contact me.

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