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Feature Film Script Analysis

This service provides a complete breakdown of your screenplay, including its formatting, structure, plot and story dynamics, narrative construction, character analysis, character dialogue, visual competency, and ultimate saleability in the marketplace.

On receipt of your script report, you will be able to identify your screenplay's major strengths and weaknesses. Each point will be noted and referenced to its position in the script accompanied by a detailed explanation and possible solutions to it.

The final script report is typically 6 to 10 pages. Unlike the standard 500/500 word industry reader's report, The First Draft Doctor Screenplay Reports resemble a detailed script editor's report in that helpful suggestions are included to aid the writer in exploring the story further.

Email communication is welcomed and encouraged after the report to discuss any points raised. Telephone discussions can be arranged with prior notice.

The current reading fee for a feature-style screenplay (approx. 120 pages) is £150 (UK Sterling).


Do not be fooled by other similar script analysis services. The First Draft Doctor Screenplay Reports require a full day to prepare and compile and offer a follow-up service second to none.

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