If you are starting-out on the scriptwriting path, you won't need me to remind you of the hard work and isolation it requires. You toil into the night, several nights in fact, over a period of months, finally, your first draft is complete. Excited, you send it off to all the agents and producers you can muster. Several frustrating months later, a letter arrives (if you're lucky); it says, and I paraphrase: "Thanks. But, no thanks!". It is devastating - I know.

So, you read all your "How To.." books, visit all the screenwriting sites on the net, and apply what you've learned to your script in a major rewrite - it looks good, you send it off again, but again back it comes - WHY?

BECAUSE, scriptwriting is a technical discipline - let nobody convince you otherwise. There are certain rules and guidelines that all successful films adhere to (and producers/agents are only interested in success). Chances are, your screenplay wasn't even read past the first page - I know, I have refused many scripts on the basis of a first page. And, there are sound, valid reasons why...

When agents, producers, and script readers read a script, they are looking for somebody who knows the trade from the outset - and this can be apparent from the first page. They need to be convinced that you as a writer know how to hook the audience, knows how to structure a story that pulls the audience along from beginning to end.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Agents and producers have long memories. If you submit an average script, your name will be remembered for future reference. It is vitally important to make a good impression with your first submission.

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